Roundup: Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton; Stock Market Plunges

Roundup: Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton; Stock Market Plunges


Roundup: Donald Trump Defeats Hillary Clinton; Stock Market Plunges

Elsa Hosk, a model of some renown … you had to stay up until 2 am on the East Coast, but Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump … yes, all of the polls were wrong, how did they screw up so badly? … women, to the surprise of many, still voted pretty heavily for Trump … checking in on the press corps who followed Donald Trump around … College hoops begins this weekend! I like the Oregon Ducks and Chris Boucher a lot … lengthy read if you like movies: “Wanda Chairman Reveals Ambitious Plan to Invest Billions in ‘All Six’ Hollywood Studios” … no, George Bush did not vote for Hillary Clinton … as it became apparent Donald Trump was going to win, the markets plunged … this one’s for the Samantha Bee fans … two months old, but the author of Black Swan wrote a powerful piece on what this election was a rebellion against

The Cavs had owned the Hawks, winning 11 straight, but then Atlanta went into Cleveland and handed LeBron his first L, 110-106. [AJC]

Should the Cowboys have traded a 1st round pick to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson? [Star Telegram]

Trevor Knight’s regular season is over for the Aggies, but maybe he could return for a bowl game. [Chronicle]

What is “growing mistrust?” Can’t imagine that people are not watching the NFL because they don’t trust the league. [ESPN]

Eric Decker’s loss has been brutal for the Jets inside the 10-yard line. Chris Ivory, too. [WSJ]

We’re one month away from the College Football coaching carousel. Get excited! [Campus Rush]

Somehow, Russell Wilson is the mid-season NFL MVP? I’m not sure how he’s ahead of Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, Derek Carr and Tom Brady, but hey, whatever. [PFF]

Gary Thorne has returned to the NHL! [Yahoo Sports]

Impressive stuff, Brandon Marshall: Why he’s no longer kneeling for the National Anthem. [ESPN]

Another SEC QB is injured: Luke Del Rio suffered a shoulder injury and will be sidelined indefinitely. [Sentinel]

A new Rubik’s cube world record was set.

Car pulled over on the highway ends up getting hit by several other cars. Everyone was OK, but the crash at :56 … damn.

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