Nick Saban Says He Voted

Nick Saban Says He Voted


Nick Saban Says He Voted

On Wednesday, Nick Saban told reporters that he’d forgotten about Election Day because he was “focused on other things.” It was one of those things football coaches say that’s met with high skepticism because, although they love to coach, it would take a certain level of willful indifference to avoid hearing about the presidential election. On the other hand, Saban is the picture of singular focus.

Anyway it became a bigger story than a distractions-hating coach would want. After Alabama dismantled Mississippi State today, Saban made it known that he did, in fact, vote.

The top-ranked Crimson Tide’s coach said after Saturday’s 51-3 win that he had an absentee ballot. The comment came in response to an unrelated question.

Saban says he never said he didn’t vote but that his remarks got blown up into a big story.

There you go. Saban voted. Doesn’t seem an “I Voted” sticker guy, though. Just a guess.

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