D'Angelo Russell Yelled Obscenity At A Fan For Hillary Clinton Email Comparison

D'Angelo Russell Yelled Obscenity At A Fan For Hillary Clinton Email Comparison


D'Angelo Russell Yelled Obscenity At A Fan For Hillary Clinton Email Comparison

Los Angeles Lakers star D’Angelo Russell was not happy with a Sacramento Kings fan who compared him to Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

The fan brought a sign to a game at the Golden 1 Center that read “D’Angelo leaked Hillary’s emails” which caught the attention of the second-year guard.

Russell caused turmoil in the locker room last season when he leaked footage that teammate Nick Young was cheating on his ex-fiancé and rapper Iggy Azalea.

Russell has since apologized to Young and the two seem to have chemistry on the floor this season. I have, however, always found it bizarre that he was criticized as much as he was when it was Young who committed adultery.

Regardless, the 20-year-old NBA player is often criticized for maturity issues.

When he was compared to Hillary Clinton and her emails scandal, the Lakers guard reacted with anger — which likely won’t help his reputation. Note: His response to the Kings fan is not safe for work, so wear your headphones.

Here’s what the fan wrote about Russell on his Facebook for more context (via Complex Sports):

So last night I get a chance to attend the Kings vs. Lakers game at the beautiful new Golden 1 Center. Thanks to a close friend our seats were right next to the Lakers bench. So of course we get in a little old fashion heckling on D’Angelo Russell because frankly he deserves it. So I make this sign “D’Angelo leaked Hillary’s emails” and start showing it around. Get a laugh from Metta Worldpeace, a thumbs up from Matt Barnes. But then I get D’Angelo walking out of the tunnel with the sign where he turns directly at me, looks in my face and yells “suck my d*ck” (volume up on video). Classic style. Then to make it even better, D’Angelo went on to show his true snitch colors by telling on me to Kings security, saying I was antagonizing him and that my sign was “derogatory”. Never change D’Angelo #sacramentoproud #kingsnation #stopsnitchin

Los Angeles defeated Sacramento in the game and Russell reportedly told arena security about the “derogatory” sign.

This fan, however, is not the only player to call Russell a snitch. Recently, Brandon Jennings said that he is a “great hooper” but that he had no respect for Russell.

The Lakers play the Knicks on December 11 at the Staples Center. We’ll see if Jennings doubles down on his comments before the game next month.

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