Pharaoh Brown Accused of Three Violent Incidents That Have Gone Unpunished By Oregon

Pharaoh Brown Accused of Three Violent Incidents That Have Gone Unpunished By Oregon


Pharaoh Brown Accused of Three Violent Incidents That Have Gone Unpunished By Oregon


Pharaoh Brown, the Oregon Ducks redshirt senior tight end, has been accused of three acts of violence off-the-field since 2014 according to reporting by the Daily Emerald. The violence was reportedly directed at both teammates and a girlfriend. Via the Daily Emerald:

Brown allegedly punched teammate Matt Wogan in the Ducks’ locker room in October 2014, rendering Wogan concussed. Eugene Police Department investigated Brown for strangulation in October 2015 following a physical fight with his girlfriend at his apartment. Most recently, Brown allegedly fought former teammate Paris Bostick in the locker room after a verbal dispute during a conditioning session in summer 2016.

Brown was not publicly disciplined for any of these alleged incidents. The one time Brown was suspended was from the 2013 Alamo Bowl. The reason for that suspension? His role in a campus snowball fight.

In November 2014, Brown suffered a gruesome knee injury that was so serious he nearly had his leg amputated. His rehab and return to the field was, at the time, an inspiring story that featured a cute little dog. Then in October 2015 Brown and his girlfriend had a physical altercation that neighbors heard:

The students brought Brown’s girlfriend into their apartment. She told them she had been in a physical fight with Brown, in which Brown had thrown her against the wall, climbed on top of her and strangled her. Schaaf told the Emerald that Brown’s girlfriend had red marks on her neck and chest and a handprint on her thigh.

According to Brown’s girlfriend’s interview with the Eugene police officers, the incident stemmed from an argument about whether Brown had gone to the bars with friends a week prior. Brown’s girlfriend told officers she had bitten and scratched Brown and torn off several of her acrylic fingernails in an attempt to retrieve her phone from Brown’s grasp. She said at one point during the altercation she recovered her phone and dialed 9-1-1 from the bathroom but immediately hung up.

Police determined that the girlfriend was the aggressor. Then there was the incident with Paris Bostick over the summer:

Brown allegedly engaged in a physical fight with linebacker Paris Bostick in the locker room. Following a verbal altercation on the field during a conditioning session in late July or early August 2016, Bostick said Brown started throwing punches at him while he was entering the keypad information on his locker. Bostick fought back but felt he was caught off guard.

Bostick left the team “to pursue his own interests” and Brown was not punished. Brown has 33 catches for 426 yards and 5 touchdowns this season. Teammate Darren Carrington II was accused of pushing a man into the street and breaking his arm on Halloween weekend.

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