Jeff Fisher Ain't Getting That Extension

Jeff Fisher Ain't Getting That Extension


Jeff Fisher Ain't Getting That Extension

Jeff Fisher and the Los Angeles Rams reportedly agreed to a contract extension in September, but the 58-year-old head coach has not officially inked that deal. With his team languishing at 4-7 and looking worse by the week, it seems increasingly unlikely that deal ever actually happens.

The Rams got crushed 49-21 by the New Orleans Saints on Sunday and have now dropped six of their last seven games. Rookie quarterback Jared Goff has started two games, and threw three touchdowns against the Saints. But the top pick from the 2016 NFL Draft still looks overwhelmed by this level of football. He’s clearly got a lot of work to do. Meanwhile, the offense ranks 31st in the NFL, averaging just 299.9 yards per game.

What would you call it when your offense is that bad?

Ah that’s right, thanks Jeff.

Fisher is in his fifth season with the Rams, and as this tweet pointed out, things haven’t improved at all during that time. Through 11 games each season under Fisher, the Rams have had the following records: 4-6-1 (2012), 5-6 (2013), 4-7 (2014), 4-7 (2015) and 4-7 (2016). Why on Earth would general manager Les Snead extend a coach with that record? If a franchise made that move, what could we call it…?

Oh right, thanks Jeff. Can’t believe I forgot so quickly.

If things go as expected, the Rams should lose at New England next week, running their record to 4-8 and virtually ensuring the fifth-straight losing season under Fisher. For comparison’s sake, the New England Patriots have never had a coach have more than two straight losing seasons in their 57-year history.

Despite having the No. 1 pick from the 2016 draft (Goff), one of the NFL’s best defenders (Aaron Donald) and one of its best running backs (Todd Gurley), the Rams are horrible. Their play is also completely uninspiring, which may be even worse news given that they play in Los Angeles.

The team’s awful performance this season is bad news for a franchise looking to establish itself in a new city. It’s even worse when that same franchise is building a new stadium and needs a ton of money from personal seat licenses to hit its projected financial goals. People in Los Angeles lose interest quickly and if Fisher is still at the helm, there is no hope for the Rams moving forward. Management has to know that by now, which is almost certainly why the aforementioned extension hasn’t gone through yet.

Jeff Fisher’s contract extension isn’t happening. It can’t, it just can’t. He has been too bad for too long and isn’t going to make the Rams any better than they are now.

Keeping Fisher on would be…wait what is it again?

Right, sorry. Slipped my mind.

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