Art Briles Is Suing Baylor Officials, Clearly Still Doesn't Get It

Art Briles is suing four Baylor officials for libel and slander as well as conspiring to keep him from getting another job after the university fired him in May. Baylor regents chairman Ronald Murff, board members J. Cary Gray and David Harper, and Baylor vice president Reagan Ramsower are the targets of the suit filed in Llano County in Central Texas.

The lawsuit contends the four men lied when they claimed Briles knew of and failed to report sexual assaults and gang rapes by his players.

While a lawsuit was almost certainly expected, if Briles thinks people at Baylor conspiring against him is why he doesn’t have another job, he’s clinically insane. Anyone associated with Baylor, its athletic department and its football team is toxic right now. Briles wouldn’t be considered for any jobs at any level even if he was carry a sack full of recommendations from Baylor’s administration.

After Briles gave an incredibly weak apology for the out-of-control program he ran at Baylor, did anyone think he would be getting a job any time soon? The guy just doesn’t seem to understand the havoc players wreaked under his watch and just how awful the culture he promoted was.

If Briles was smart, he’d have laid low for a few years, then mounted a comeback with some very serious apologies. Instead he’s out there suing his former employer and acting like he did nothing wrong.

He just found a way to make himself a less-appealing candidate for a new job. Nicely done Art.

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