Some Bomani Jones Listeners Don't Get PFT Commenter

Some Bomani Jones Listeners Don't Get PFT Commenter


Some Bomani Jones Listeners Don't Get PFT Commenter


PFT Commenter called into The Right Time with Bomani Jones today. If you’re here, you’re presumably aware of the satire, and hopefully appreciative of its nuanced layers. In the segment (audio right below), he asked for a moment of silence for John Glenn, said Merry Christmas because we’re allowed to say it again, theorized that RG3 used his stolen wallet as leverage to get his starting job back because Jimmy Haslam would never tolerate theft from motorists, and opined that Alex Smith’s small hands are a competitive advantage.

In four years, PFT Commenter has ascended from a standalone Twitter user to a writer and political correspondent at Uproxx and SB Nation, to Barstool where he writes and also co-hosts the Pardon My Take podcast with Dan “Big Cat” Katz. Although listenership is big enough that Pardon My Take is pretty regularly the no. 1-ranked sports podcast on iTunes, that notoriety does not extend to terrestrial radio, where this collection of Bomani’s listeners both were not aware of the bit, and did not pick up on it.


In their defense, there are so many wacky takes out there in sports or elsewhere that discerning satire isn’t quite as cut and dry as it used to be.

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