Remember Those Al Del Greco Nike Ads From the 90's?

Remember Those Al Del Greco Nike Ads From the 90's?


Remember Those Al Del Greco Nike Ads From the 90's?

Al Del Greco spent 17 seasons as a kicker in the NFL and now he’s the golf coach at Alabama’s Samford University. Why do I know that? Because I Googled Del Greco this morning. Why did I Google Al Del Greco this morning? Because his name is kind of similar to Jack Del Rio’s and I thought there was a song about him. There was not.

Turns out I was thinking of “My Bironas” by BradyFan83. I knew it was an Oilers / Titans kicker, I was just off by half a decade.

Speaking of decades, the first BradyFan83 video was uploaded 10 years ago. TEN YEARS! Does anyone reading this even remember BradyFan83? How long have you people been on the Internet consuming sports #content? Did you start before or after Del Greco kicked for football’s St. Louis Cardinals in 1987?

Probably after.

Anyway, here’s video of Al Del Greco swinging a baseball bat and then falling down.

The video is from the spring, but only 375 people watched it before today for some reason. Why aren’t more people Googling Al Del Greco? And wasn’t there a commercial where the joke was that Del Greco was the best football player ever? I’m not making that up. Someone asked on Reddit and never got an answer. Someone even asked Del Greco and he confirmed the commercial’s existence.


People appear to have been asking for a link to these ads since 2004. We also found a reference to the ad in a 1996 book about the effect ads have on children called “Harvesting Minds: How TV Commercials Control Kids.” Turns out Al Del Greco has been warping young minds for twenty years now.

So who knows somebody at Nike? Without having seen these spots in 20-years or so, I think its safe to say Nike should reboot them for their 2017 Super Bowl ad. Make it happen. Or least put the old ads online so a new generation can learn how great Al Del Greco was.

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