Jared Goff Is Having A Very Bad Day

Jared Goff Is Having A Very Bad Day


Jared Goff Is Having A Very Bad Day

Jared Goff was the first pick in the 2016 NFL Draft and so far that has been the highlight of his brief professional career. Goff was awful in his first three starts for the Los Angeles Rams, and that’s me being kind. On Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons, he has been even worse.

Through three quarters, Goff has completed just 15 of 27 passes for a paltry 146 yards. He’s also thrown two interceptions, been sacked three times and fumbled. His Rams trail the visiting Falcons 42-7 in the fourth quarter.

It’s not just that Goff has been bad or looked unprepared, his decision-making has been absolutely puzzling. He looks like a guy who has never taken a snap at any level before today.

In the second quarter he was victimized for a pick-six by rookie Deion Jones. The thrown was into traffic and should have never been made. Take a look:

That’s as bad as it gets.

Then late in the third quarter, Goff was stripped from behind by Vic Beasley, who picked the ball up and ran into the end zone for a touchdown. The play showed a complete lack of pocket awareness. It was Beasley’s third sack on the day, at that point in the game, Goff should have been aware of his location on the field and where he would be coming from. Instead, he locked on to a receiver and held the ball loosely where it could easily be knocked free. Take a look:

Goff has a lot of pure arm talent, but in watching him over the past three-plus weeks, it’s obvious why the Rams sat him for most of the season. He simply isn’t ready to be an NFL quarterback.

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