Roundup: Bill Simmons Talks HBO; "Woke" Christmas & Holiday Tipping Guide

Roundup: Bill Simmons Talks HBO; "Woke" Christmas & Holiday Tipping Guide


Roundup: Bill Simmons Talks HBO; "Woke" Christmas & Holiday Tipping Guide

Elsa Hosk, a model … six people were injured when a Ferrari crashed in London … “Russia is spending $30 million on an obscure sport called acrobatic rock’n’roll” … couple weeks old, but the Missouri Department of Corrections, get it together … “Dallas Corvette club surprises 76-year-old scam victim” … smart UPS driver helps save woman being assaulted in her home … “Local politician giving away AR-15 rifle for Christmas” … did you know polar penis was a thing in Antarctica? … “Fake Florida dentist pulled 10 teeth, made dentures” … this holiday tipping guide isn’t exactly terrible … “Man faked ‘KKK’ hate crime, own kidnapping after lighting car on fire” …

Patriots 30, Ravens 23. It didn’t feel that close, but back-to-back special team mistakes made it a game in the 3rd quarter. [Herald]

If everyone agrees, what are the 49ers waiting for? It’s time to dump Trent Baalke. [Mercury News]

James Harden with a 36-11-8 line as the Rockets won their 7th straight game, beating the Nets. [Chronicle]

Why the Patriots are susceptible in the playoffs, should the Browns trade for Jimmy Garoppolo, and will Blake Griffin leave the Clippers? [Full 3-Hour Fox Sports Radio Show; ‘Best of’ 30-Minute Podcast]

I haven’t written about how angry I am about the Jets win over the 49ers, but let me be clear – there are no positives. [Jets Wire]

Great long read on Daryl Morey and how he drafts in Houston. The interview process stuff is great. [Slate]

The new Rams interim coach is John Fassel. In 2015, he helped save a man from drowning in Manhattan Beach, California. [Daily Breeze]

Remember 10 years ago when Rich Rodriguez said no to Alabama and stayed at West Virginia? []

Bill Simmons went on an NYC radio station and talked about his HBO show that is now off the air, “Any Given Wednesday.” [NYDN]

Dec. 12: Dunks of the Day

White Christmas is a classic. Woke Christmas is, too.

Please stop calling for Tony Romo, everyone.

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