Jason Day wants to Beat Tiger Woods at His Best

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Jason Day wants to Beat Tiger Woods at His Best


Jason Day wants to Beat Tiger Woods at His Best

Jason Day is currently the number one ranked golfer in the world. Day has had back issues he’s been dealing with and hasn’t played since he withdrew from the Tour Championship in September, but the Aussie is ready to get back out on the course and play against a certain golfer who is making a return to the sport.

Day, who has become friends with Tiger Woods and exchanged texts with the 14-time major champion all season, recently told USA Today that he’s trying to support Woods during his return.

“There’s no advice I can give Tiger golf-wise that’s going to make arguably the greatest player ever any better,” Day said. “I’m just trying to support him, making him feel young, as he tells me. I did talk with him after last week, and he seemed very positive.”

Day wants Woods to get back to playing good golf because he, “in a selfish way,” wants to “beat him at his best.”

“Time is not on his side. He’s going to be 41 soon,” Day said. “In a selfish way, I want him to come back. I want to try and beat him at his best. It would be great to see him have one last shot at trying to break Jack’s record.”

Day isn’t alone in wanting Woods to get back to playing great golf. Everyone in the golf world who is a Woods fan wants to see him get back to the top of weekend leaderboards. Woods has been great for the sport, and the ratings he scored for Golf Channel and NBC during a December tournament were spectacular.

For Day and the rest of the field, it would be great to beat one of the greatest at the top of his game. Of course, there’s no reason to expect that Woods will ever play as well as he has in the past, but he did show flashes of good golf during the Hero World Challenge and ruling out any sort of win in the future would not be smart.

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