7 Reasons Why Jim Harbaugh Will Stay At Michigan

7 Reasons Why Jim Harbaugh Will Stay At Michigan


7 Reasons Why Jim Harbaugh Will Stay At Michigan

Media members floated Jim Harbaugh to the Rams to be cute. Then it started trending. Then it began being discussed. Now, even though there is zero chance of that happening, I’m writing this post. The topic will get brought up this year and every year.

Here is why Jim Harbaugh will stay at Michigan for at least the near and intermediate future.

Jim Harbaugh Turned Down the NFL To Come To Michigan

Jim Harbaugh had options. He did not come fleeing back to college from the NFL like his colleague at Alabama. Harbaugh took what had been (and was after) a sad-sack franchise to a Super Bowl. He was one of the most sought-after NFL head coaches. Even if it took waiting a year, he could his named his price and his level of control to a desperate franchise. He could have commanded a bidding war. He went to Michigan. He took less money to do so.

Jim Harbaugh Likes Being a College Football Coach

Has it looked, at any point since Jim Harbaugh took the Michigan job, like he has not been enjoying himself? Michigan is a clear passion project for him. He has embraced recruiting with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

He’s traveled the country and the world. He’s been up to all sorts of weird, social media-friendly stuff. He’s giving custodial services people employee of the year awards and dropping in to thank the stadium services staff.

Harbaugh has total control over the Michigan football program. The administration is set up to keep him happy. He’s feted everywhere he goes. Is he dying to go back to the NFL so an organization can undercut him to the media for an entire season and dump him to hand the reins to Trent Effing Baalke?

Strong personalities wear out their welcome in the NFL. College programs cater to them.

Jim Harbaugh Was Reared By Bo Schembechler. 

Bo Schembechler was an enormous influence on Jim Harbaugh. Some have termed him as close as possible to a reincarnation of him, or what Bo Schembechler would be in the modern era. Schembechler preached loyalty. He lived it.

Bo is the guy who turned down what was then stupid money to coach Texas A&M in 1982. Bo is the guy who in 1989 fired basketball coach Bill Frieder, who had been at Michigan almost as long as Schembechler, before the NCAA Tournament for taking the Arizona State job. “A Michigan man will coach Michigan.”

Harbaugh knew what he was getting into before taking that job. That was devoting himself to the University of Michigan.

Jim Harbaugh Is a Maniacal Competitor

NFL media were convinced the Super Bowl loss still gnawed at him and that would preclude him ever coming back to college. He came inches away this season, perhaps millimeters, from beating Ohio State and Urban Meyer in the horseshoe and potentially reaching the college football playoff.

Many think Harbaugh will leave Michigan eventually. No one serious thinks he’s going to leave with that as his denouement and not winning the Big Ten or beating Ohio State.

Jim Harbaugh Is a Family Man

Harbaugh’s description of his hometown Ann Arbor: “It’s a healthy, productive, happy place, more so than other places we’ve lived.” He moved into Bo Schembechler’s old neighborhood. His young kids are going to his old elementary school. His parents moved in down the street. He took his additional compensation from Michigan in a life insurance policy. That does not sound like a man itching to leave.

Michigan Is A Special Place 

Everyone thinks their alma mater is special. Michigan graduates go a bit beyond that. This won’t resonate outside the Michigan community, but I’ll let my fellow alum Jim Harbaugh explain it…

There Is No Reason Jim Harbaugh Would Take The Los Angeles Rams Job

If you have one credible reason Harbaugh would take that job, I would listen. You don’t.

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