AUDIO: Colorado Coach Mike MacIntyre Hastily Hung Up on Clay Travis

AUDIO: Colorado Coach Mike MacIntyre Hastily Hung Up on Clay Travis


AUDIO: Colorado Coach Mike MacIntyre Hastily Hung Up on Clay Travis

Clay Travis had Colorado coach Mike MacIntyre on his Fox Sports Radio morning show today. At the beginning of the interview, Clay asked him about WakeyLeaks, and MacIntyre essentially pled ignorance on the story and didn’t have much to say about it. Then there was a little Alabama-Washington talk; not much came out of that either.

After that, Clay pivoted to ask the coach about what it’s like to all of a sudden hear his name in rumors on the annual coaching carousel, with Colorado having a great season after years of struggles. MacIntyre downplayed it, and said it comes with the territory and that he experienced it growing up with his father coaching who coached at UT Martin and Vanderbilt. Essentially, college coaches are always either rumored to be getting fired or leaving, and that comes with the territory.

“It’s all media-driven. Everyone has to have a story. Especially in today’s Twitter and blogs,” MacIntyre said, and asked sarcastically: “If it’s put out on Twitter, it’s real, right?”

Then Clay hit him more specifically: “Did you or your agent get contacted about any jobs this offseason?”

MacIntyre: “I have no comment on any of that.”

Clay: “So that means yes.”

MacIntyre: “No, I have no comment. I really didn’t want to get into all that. So, I appreciate it, thanks a lot man. Talk to you later.”

And click.

Apparently, the Colorado SID wasn’t enthused with Clay’s line of questioning either:

The ironclad lock bet of the week is that MacIntyre’s decision to hang up will cause a lot more content than if he had just continued to give perfunctory answers. That being said, I dunno what he or any of these other college coaches are supposed to say. It’s hard to do anything and not come away looking like a weasel.

From Clay’s perspective, this is better radio than having a coach on there for his name and having him be a total snooze. If coaches or players go on there, they should know they’re not getting the boilerplate treatment.

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