Let's Not Freak Out Over Tony Romo Watching a Football Game with Jerry Jones

Let's Not Freak Out Over Tony Romo Watching a Football Game with Jerry Jones


Let's Not Freak Out Over Tony Romo Watching a Football Game with Jerry Jones

Highland Park quarterback John Stephen Jones led his team to a Texas state championship this afternoon at AT&T Stadium. His grandfather, Jerry Jones, was on hand to witness it and took in the action next to Cowboys backup quarterback Tony Romo. This is a major development, if some of America’s foremost opinion-makers are to be believed.

For instance, the close proximity between the eldest Jones and Romo has Skip Bayless physically ill and concerned for Dak Prescott.

Now, it’s true that the Cowboys have a quarterback controversy bubbling near the surface despite having the best record in the NFC. And it’s also true that Jones has been adding to speculation with his public support for the veteran Romo.

Jones said the Cowboys “will know it when they see it” if it’s time to switch Prescott with Romo, and also called it a “story for the ages” if Romo would come in and lead the team on a championship run.

But, allow me to offer a contrarian view here. Romo and Jones have a long-standing relationship. Today is an important day for the Jones family and Romo, as a friend, chose to show his support in person.
That’s it.
I choose to believe there wasn’t a ton of lobbying going on during the high school game. No one is more aware of Romo’s capabilities and deficiencies than Jones and Jason Garrett. It’s not as if the veteran QB is going to slip the owner an updated resume in a hopes the depth chart will be re-considered. Romo and Jones aren’t going to immediately cease a collegial relationship because Prescott is the starter. To think otherwise is incredibly naive. The very notion runs contrary to human nature.

Romo’s public actions in response to his demotion have been nothing but team-oriented. I suppose there’s a chance he’s saying one thing in the press and another behind Prescott’s back, but that doesn’t seem in line with what we know about his personality.

Lastly, if Prescott can’t mentally handle Romo and Jones sitting near each other at a football game, the Cowboys have major problems. Replacing a four-time Pro Bowler and face of the franchise was always going to be difficult. Usurping the job from the man with the third-best passer rating in NFL history wasn’t going to be easy.

All of this is to say that maybe some brakes should be pumped. Perhaps Romo went to Jones’ grandson’s football game for “the right reasons” and not as a step in a public coup.

Now, if Romo shakes Eli Manning’s hand before Prescott does, well, that’s a story worth digging into.

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