Dez Bryant Wants "Fake" Dallas Cowboys Fans Off the Bandwagon

Dez Bryant Wants "Fake" Dallas Cowboys Fans Off the Bandwagon


Dez Bryant Wants "Fake" Dallas Cowboys Fans Off the Bandwagon

Heading into Sunday night’s game, the Dallas Cowboys had a quarterback controversy brewing. After Dak Prescott completed 32 of 36 passes for 279 yards in a 26-20 victory, that bit of drama has been put in the rearview mirror. The Cowboys now sit at 12-2 and can clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs with a win over the Detroit Lions next Monday night.

The surprising success has been roundly celebrated but, according to wide receiver Dez Bryant, not celebrated enough.

“I’m talking to the fake Cowboy fans, I’m talking to the bandwagons, I’m just talking about everybody,” Bryant said. “First off, just jump off. Jump off. Like we lost one game [after an 11-game winning streak]. We were 11-2. Like c’mon, man, this guy put us in this position and you just get to talking crazy. You know, we have one bad game, it’s crazy. This is why everybody gets blocked out.

“We’ve got to stick together and we’ve got to focus on ourselves and not paying attention to the noise. Like the fake praise, we’ve got to treat the fake praise like hate. It’s all the same.”

Boy, I never thought I’d live to see the day when a Dallas Cowboy threw bandwagon fans under the bus. Perhaps no NFL fan base has been as reliant on bandwagoners to grow than Dallas’, buoyed by those sick Starter jackets.

Guess it’s time for the fake praisers to look in the mirror and come to the realization that their adulation now equals hate.


If there’s a positive to come from such a development it’s that the more inclusive hating standards will allow more innocuous comments to be filed under the all-important “bulletin board material” umbrella.

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