Top Golf Trick Shots of 2016

Top Golf Trick Shots of 2016


Top Golf Trick Shots of 2016

There were some pretty sweet trick shots videos made this year. Here are my top five favorites.

1. VIDEO: This is One of the Best Golf Trick Shots You Will Ever See

Taylor Laybourne’s ridiculous club toss and catch during backswing is one that I still can’t get over. I’ve tried it on the range and I’ll just say that it didn’t go well.

2. VIDEO: Golf Cart Surfing Trick Shot takes the Cake

Ryan Rustand and Jashua Kelley’s cart-surfing trick shot is not only impressive, but one that I’d never even attempt.

3. Golfer Chips Ball Over Shoulder and Then Tends His Own Pin

I have a hard enough time attempting to be Phil Mickelson and hole a regular chip shot around the green much less attempting to tend the pin on my own.

4. Watch: Yet Another Golf Club Toss Trick Shot

Taylor Laybourne’s club toss recreated in a new way looks just as difficult to me.

Working on the short game 🏌 🎥 @gigliotti88_

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5. John Daly Adds Trick Shot Video to His List of Accomplishments

While it may not be the most amazing trick shot video of the year, anything involving Big John gets my attention.

And here’s a new one from Ryan Rustand that is also pretty impressive.

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