Jets Source Says Christian Hackenberg "Will Never Make It"

Jets Source Says Christian Hackenberg "Will Never Make It"


Jets Source Says Christian Hackenberg "Will Never Make It"

Christian Hackenberg was a divisive figure during his college career at Penn State. Some evaluators saw him as a future franchise quarterback, while others thought he’d be yet another big-armed flop. Apparently, the team that drafted him is leaning towards the latter assessment.

The New York Jets selected Hackenberg with the 51st overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, presumably to become their future franchise quarterback. After just one season and zero actual game experience, the team appears to have soured on the rookie.

When asked if Hackenberg had been worth a second-round pick, one Jets starter rolled his eyes and simply said, “No.” While another source told Manish Mehta, “He will never make it. Never.”

On top of that, on Thursday when asked about a report in which an anonymous coach claimed Hackenberg couldn’t throw the ball into the ocean, Jets owner Woody Johnson joked, “I guess it depends which ocean.”

Hackenberg is only 21 and hasn’t taken an NFL snap. But if this many people who get to see him almost every day are so down on him, there has to be a reason. The Jets didn’t even run him out there for a few snaps during a meaningless game in Week 17 against the Buffalo Bills. That’s a really bad sign for the kid’s future.

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