VIDEOS: Draymond Was Visibly Agitated With Durant; Later: "I'm kind of thrilled we lost"

VIDEOS: Draymond Was Visibly Agitated With Durant; Later: "I'm kind of thrilled we lost"


VIDEOS: Draymond Was Visibly Agitated With Durant; Later: "I'm kind of thrilled we lost"

The Warriors relinquished what was a 24-point lead at home, and wound up losing to the Grizzlies in overtime. You obviously can’t boil a meltdown like that to one sequence, but the video above could point to some chemistry issues that the Warriors are going to need to work out if they’re going to win a title — and they’re one of those rare teams where if they don’t win a championship the season will be qualified as a disappointment.

After an offensive rebound by Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry had the ball and appeared to be trying to set up a play. Kevin Durant called for it. Curry gave him a weird look for a split-second and then gave him the ball. Durant proceeded to dribble out the shot clock and take a contested 3 over Zach Randolph, and it rimmed out.

Even before Durant took the shot, you could hear Mike Breen saying that Draymond Green was furious about something. After Memphis got the rebound and called timeout, the cameras cut to Draymond, and he was less than enthused. He was very emphatic with his displeasure with Durant.

After the game, Draymond was his typically candid self. While he didn’t escalate any real or perceived issue he had with Durant — he said he couldn’t even remember what the final play call was supposed to be — he was openly happy with the loss, which he saw as a learning opportunity.

“Our fourth quarter offense has been atrocious,” he said. “Everyone only notices it in losses. I actually pay attention to things when you win also because I could really care less – I’m actually happy we lost today, because there are some things that we need to correct in order to win a championship.”

“That’s our goal – trying to win a championship,” he continued. “Trying to win every regular season game – it really don’t matter. I want to see us get better each and every time we step on the floor, and I don’t feel like that’s been happening for the things that we need to get better at. I’m kind of thrilled we lost because you usually make corrections when you lose.”

When asked about the exchange, Durant said that Draymond told him they should have stuck with the pick-and-roll, but “he didn’t say anything about the shot.”

The Warriors are 31-6. We knew all along they would have to sort out the issue that there are three elite shooters on the team, and only one basketball. There’s a solid chance that they use this temporary adversity to their advantage. But, as Draymond said, none of this really matters until April, May, and June — that is when their chemistry and results will truly be under the ultimate microscope.

[Press conference videos via Anthony V. Slater]

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