A 7-foot-7, 190-Pound 16-Year-Old Made His High School Basketball Debut Last Night

This is Robert Bobroczky, who is from Romania, is 7-foot-7, and made his American high school basketball debut on Friday night in Ohio.

As is common for the supertall, stamina is an issue for Bobroczky. His coach says he’s one of the best passing big men he’s ever coached, a function of Bobroczky’s ability to see the entire floor at all times, from the vantage point of outer space.

He was 7-feet tall at 12 years old, and as you can tell by looking at him, his body hasn’t had a chance to fill out. Bobroczky weighs just 190 pounds. He would be the tallest player in the NBA right now, and is the second-tallest (known) basketball player in the world, behind 7-8 Paul Sturgess of England, who played in the NBA D-League.

This has all been enough to catch the interest of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bobroczky played only a few minutes in a blowout loss on Friday.

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