Give Me All the Skip Bayless Takes on Aaron Rodgers

Give Me All the Skip Bayless Takes on Aaron Rodgers


Give Me All the Skip Bayless Takes on Aaron Rodgers

I’m not going to sit here and give you overwrought complaints about how Skip Bayless is a blight on journalism or society or anything like that. The man has made his mark, and he’s never not going to diminish anything that LeBron James or Aaron Rodgers accomplish. Sports are entertainment, and this fits the bill.

This just comes with the territory, and as a Packers fan I’ll wholeheartedly admit that Skip owns a piece of my brain; I can’t just enjoy a lovely last-second Packers victory over his Cowboys on their own terms. I relish how he can, after swearing up and down all week that Dallas would win, discredit a Rodgers performance where he threw for 356 yards, his team scored 34 points, and he made a magnificent 35-yard throw on 3rd-and-20 to a tip-toeing Jared Cook to set up the decisive field goals.

Of course, Rodgers would not go Undisputed:

This is before the end of the game, and is kind of a fair point. But, if Ty Montgomery wasn’t interfered with, the ball may not just sail into the arms of Jeff Heath. Let’s continue.

Zero mention of throw to Jared Cook. How did the Packers get into position for Crosby to make those clutch kicks?

I did too, but it didn’t!

As Skip’s Fox Sports colleague Clay Travis pointed out, Skip’s a participation trophy guy now?

Not taking anything away from Dak Prescott, who played a great game, but his team fell behind 21-3. Dak threw an interception to Micah Hyde when the Cowboys were marching in the third quarter. Rodgers had a higher completion percentage and more yards per attempt in the game, without the luxury of running back Ezekiel Elliott carrying the ball 22 times for 125 yards.


Give me all the debate content tomorrow!

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