Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Dies at 73

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Dies at 73


Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Dies at 73

Jimmy Snuka, a legendary former professional wrestler, has died at the age of 73. Snuka has been battling stomach cancer for some time:

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Snuka was one of the most memorable performers in professional wrestling in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, appearing most prominently from a national perspective in stints with the then-WWF from 1982-1985 and 1989-1992.Ā He was known for his high-flying acrobatics, leaping off the top of a steel cage:

OneĀ of his most memorable moments was getting bashed in the head with a coconut by Roddy Piper:

In 2015, Snuka was charged with third-degree involuntary manslaughter stemming from the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino, in 1983. The charges were recently dropped when a Pennsylvania county judge ruled that Snuka was incompetent to stand trial. Argentino’s family won a wrongful death suit against Snuka in 1985, though no charges were filed at the time.

Snuka was one of 50 former wrestlers who sued WWE, in a lawsuit filed in July. The wrestlers say that they developed long-term brain damage and CTE from their time in WWE. “WWE placed corporate gain over its wrestlers’ health, safety and financial security, choosing to leave the Plaintiffs severely injured and with no recourse to treat their damaged minds and bodies,” the suit said.

At the time, WWE issued a statement thatĀ said these allegations were “patently false,” and conveyed confidence the suit would be dismissed.

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