Cheer Up, Jimmy Butler

Cheer Up, Jimmy Butler


Cheer Up, Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler sounds down in the dumps. Averaging 25 points per game, he’s having such a good year he might get voted to start in the NBA All-Star game next month.

Sure, you’d rather win an NBA title or an MVP award or the scoring title or be named All-NBA, but, hey, it’s not nothing, right?

Goldang, Jimmy.

It’s an exhibition game, yeah, we all recognize that. But what game isn’t, when you get right down to it? I bet if you asked 10-year-old Jimmy Butler what he thought of playing in the NBA All-Star game someday, he’d think it meant something. 

As it happens, it would make Butler, 27, a three-time All-Star. So far, there have been just 205 of those in NBA history.

It’s not nothing.

So cheer up, Jimmy. It’s all a big show anyway .

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