17 Times Donald Trump Made Sports Great Again

17 Times Donald Trump Made Sports Great Again


17 Times Donald Trump Made Sports Great Again

Donald Trump will become the 45th President of the United States. He has been a notable figure for multiple decades and had an array of different interactions with the world of sport. Here are 17 instances in which he truly made sports great again. 

Donald Trump Met With Multiple Professional Sports Figures Accused of Violence Against Women

Donald Trump faced multiple accusations of inappropriate sexual conduct toward women during the campaign. Trump shouted out Ben Roethlisberger at a rally. Trump has met with Floyd Mayweather and Jim Brown, both accused multiple times of violence toward women. He also met with Kevin Johnson, accused by multiple women of sexual abuse.

Donald Trump Launched the “Tour De Trump”

Donald Trump and Billy Packer launched the “Tour de Trump,” a bike race Trump believed would be viewed as equivalent to the Tour de France within a decade in 1989. Trump only sponsored the race for another year. DuPont took over sponsorship before it ended in 1996.

Donald Trump Played Beach Volleyball

A sequence of events resulted in Donald Trump playing beach volleyball in a polo shirt and jeans. He displayed both the hustle and leadership skills necessary to be the leader of the free world.

Donald Trump Bought A Football Autographed By Tim Tebow

Donald Trump paid $12,000 for an autographed Tim Tebow helmet at a charity auction. He paid for it with a check made out from his own charitable foundation.

Donald Trump Tweeted About A.J. McCarron and Katherine Webb

Alabama won a college football national title. Donald Trump tweeted that he was a fan of both Crimson Tide quarterback A.J. McCarron and his girlfriend, Katherine Webb.

Trump confirmed to a follower that Ms. Webb was attractive.

A.J. McCarron begged for a Twitter follow and confirmed that Trump had never met him. Though he met Katherine Webb less than two weeks later.

Donald Trump Played Multiple High School Sports

Donald Trump attended high school. He played football, baseball, and a year of varsity soccer. A former classmate confirmed Trump was “the best, a good athlete, a great athlete,” was “physically and mentally gifted,” and could have played professional baseball.

Donald Trump's toupee pulls an almost Andy Dufresne

Donald Trump’s Hair Took Flight At Foxboro

Donald Trump has noted connections to multiple members of the New England Patriots organization. In 2010, the 45th president sat with Robert Kraft and Teddy Bruschi during a game. The wind caught his hair just right, and magic happened.

Donald Trump Blamed Victim For Mike Tyson Rape and Tried To Keep Him Out of Prison

Donald Trump’s casino was due to hold a Tyson-Holyfield fight before Mike Tyson was convicted of rape. Trump, who had a vested financial interest, argued for Tyson to be kept out of prison so his boxing could raise money for rape victims. Trump also blamed the victim for her rape during an interview with NBC News, arguing she was in his room at her own will and was spotted “dancing with a big smile on her face.”

Donald Trump Floated His Name Out There To Buy The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills were for sale in 2014. Donald Trump floated his name out there as a potential new owner, pledging to keep the franchise in Buffalo. He ultimately opted not to buy the Bills and ran for President of the United States.

Donald Trump Inadvertently Sent Twitter Trolls After Jon Lester

Donald Trump disparaged Lester Holt’s moderation during a presidential debate. Trump-inclined Twitter users had to spew political venom so fast they kept inadvertently directing it at Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester.

Donald Trump Destroyed The USFL

Donald Trump bought the New Jersey Generals in the USFL. He convinced his fellow owners to move to a fall schedule and to file an antitrust lawsuit to force a merger with the NFL. Trump and his fellow owners won the lawsuit but were awarded only $3 in damages. The league folded shortly after, with the lawsuit cited as the major reason.

Donald Trump Advocated For More NFL Brain Damage

The NFL has instituted rules to reduce hits to the head and the resulting long-term traumatic brain injuries. Donald Trump expressed his opinion that the NFL has gotten “very much softer” and the league was overreacting to “little dings in the head.” His people, not subject to such rules intended to protect them, are tough.

Donald Trump Shouted Out Paul O’Neill At a Victory Speech

Donald Trump won the GOP primaries in Mississippi and Michigan. He shouted out former Yankee great Paul O’Neill during the victory speech.

Donald Trump Delivered Poor Scouting Report on Johnny Manziel

Teams passed on Johnny Manziel at the top of the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Trump stressed that these teams were making a “big mistake” and that Manziel would be both “really good” and “exciting to watch.” Thus far, that scouting report has proven inaccurate.

Steve Austin Gave Donald Trump A “Stone Cold Stunner”

Well before he was a presidential candidate, Trump appeared at Wrestlemania 23 in 2007. He was on the receiving end of Steve Austin’s patented “Stone Cold Stunner.”

Donald Trump Confirmed That Joe Flacco Is Elite

Donald Trump answered questions on Twitter. He weighed in one of the the great NFL issues of the day, whether Joe Flacco was an elite quarterback. The Donald believes he is.

“I think Joe Flacco is actually a very elite quarterback,” Trump said. “He won a Super Bowl, he did it, really to a certain extent, with that great arm of his. I would say absolutely he is an elite quarterback.”

Donald Trump Waged Aggressive, Multi-Year Twitter Campaign To Get Alex Rodriguez Off the New York Yankees

Before Ebola and Hillary Clinton’s emails, Donald Trump’s Twitter obsession was Alex Rodriguez. He disapproved of Alex Rodriguez’s PED use. He wanted the New York Yankees to get rid of him. Here is a brief sample from Summer 2013.


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