Donald Trump Autographed Baseballs Are Very Valuable, Obviously

Donald Trump Autographed Baseballs Are Very Valuable, Obviously


Donald Trump Autographed Baseballs Are Very Valuable, Obviously

TMZ reported on Friday that the value of a baseball autographed by Donald Trump had skyrocketed following the inauguration. This should come as no surprise considering the fact that a former classmate of Trump’s said he could have played professional baseball. Still, take a look at his autograph.

Trump doesn’t appear to make the slightest effort to make the actual shape of any of the letters in his name. It looks like someone was going to color the baseball with a pen and got distracted 2 seconds into trying to fill in the white space. As someone who has a truly horrible signature, I have to say this is impressive.

It also makes me wonder why autographs have any value whatsoever. No one who signs autographs has a good signature. The value comes in the idea that the person once touched something. And scribbled on it, I guess. It really is a weird collectible if you think about it. And what are the current values of Trump-signed hockey pucks?

It reminds me of the fact that when my parents took me to Disney World as a child, I had an autograph book for Disney characters to sign. I, along with a ton of other children, stood in lines to get autographs of people wearing costumes. What was that all about?

I have to assume that is no longer standard practice. I guess the best thing about our modern technological culture is that we can truly live by “pics or it didn’t happen.” I mean, I went to Disney World as a kid, but who is going to believe me if all I have for proof is a notepad with “Donald Duck” scribbled in Sharpie? Maybe if Donald had signed a baseball…

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