Does Anyone Believe Bill Belichick Didn't Know the Falcons Won?

Does Anyone Believe Bill Belichick Didn't Know the Falcons Won?


Does Anyone Believe Bill Belichick Didn't Know the Falcons Won?

After winning the AFC Championship Game, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked about how his team matches up against the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons.

“I didn’t even know they won,” he deadpanned. “I mean, I didn’t–we didn’t see the first game so .. obviously they’re a great team or they wouldn’t be playing in this game. They’ve had a great year.”

So you’re telling me that Belichick, a man with a habit of using the name of his next opponent to filibuster against questions he doesn’t want to answer, was ignorant to his next opponent? You’re telling me he didn’t pass by a television at any point and see the Falcons enjoying a comfortable lead? You’re telling me no one passed on the information? You’re telling me no one in the organization was busy game-planning for the Super Bowl during the Patriots’ rout of the Steelers?

If you believe this, you probably also believe he doesn’t know the name of any social media platform. If so, I’d love to get your email for an exciting timeshare opportunity which has recently come to my attention.

Belichick is obviously one of the greatest football minds to ever don a hoodie and usually it’s easy to ascertain the motivation behind his pained answers to the media. And usually the goal it to avoid giving a real answer.

But, I must admit, this particular response about the Falcons has me puzzled. I guess the implication is that he and his team were so focused on the Steelers than they didn’t check the score of the NFC game. They’d already won, though, so that doesn’t seem to have much of a benefit. If anything, Belichick’s pleaded ignorance opens him up to criticism.

For a guy who prides himself on being the most prepared person in the room, it sounds like the purposely put his team behind the 8-ball by not scouting his opponent. Could come back to bite him come Super Bowl Sunday.

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