Oscar De La Hoya Arrested For DUI Tuesday Night

Oscar De La Hoya Arrested For DUI Tuesday Night


Oscar De La Hoya Arrested For DUI Tuesday Night

Oscar de la Hoya was arrested in Pasadena, California Tuesday night for DUI. The 43-year-old was pulled over for speeding at around 2 a.m. and failed several field sobriety tests. De La Hoya has struggled with substance abuse in the past and it appears he’s off the wagon again.

De La Hoya was reportedly seen at multiple bars earlier on Tuesday night before being arrested.

The former world champion has spent time in rehab twice, once in 2011 and again in 2013. He also announced himself single in December while partying at a nightclub in Los Angeles. That signaled that his marriage to singer Millie Corretjer was over. The two married in 2001 and have two kids together. Obviously that could be something that triggered a relapse, or could have been caused by one.

After retiring from boxing in 2009 De La Hoya has focused on promoting fights through Golden Boy Promotions Inc. as majority owner, and has managed to stay in the spotlight pretty consistently. That has obviously led to temptations, especially considering how much time he spends in Las Vegas for bouts.

To this day De La Hoya has legions of fans all over the globe. I’m fairly confident I join them all in hoping he gets the help he clearly needs.

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