VIDEO: Dwight Howard Tells Olivia Harlan About Good D While Dennis Schroder Loses It

The Atlanta Hawks beat the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday night, 119-114, thanks to a 41-point 4th quarter. While Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade were left calling out their teammates for a lack of heart and effort after the game, the Hawks were in much more playful mood.

During a postgame interview on FOX Sports South with sideline reporter Olivia Harlan, Dwight Howard (probably) innocently said, “Our D was good tonight.”

Whether he originally meant the double entendre or not, Dennis Schroder immediately reacted and Dwight doubled down saying, “We gotta make sure our D stay good” and answering the next question with “It starts with the D.” Harlan either missed it or ignored the turn in the content while Howard and Schroder lost it like Fallon and Sanz in an old SNL sketch.

Update: Harlan is dating Sam Dekker who played with Dwight last season in Houston. Like Schroder, they laughed.

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