Dana White Thinks Ronda Rousey Will Retire

Dana White Thinks Ronda Rousey Will Retire


Dana White Thinks Ronda Rousey Will Retire

Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on December 30th. We haven’t heard much from Rousey since then, but Dana White told the UFC Unfiltered podcast that he thought her career was probably over. Via MMA Junkie:

“In the conversation I had with her, if I had to say right here right now – again I don’t like saying right here right now because it’s up to her – but I would’t say she fights again,” White told UFC.com’s “UFC Unfiltered” podcast. “I think she’s probably done.”

This is not the first time that Dana White has declared a fighter’s career over for one reason or another. White tried to retire BJ Penn multiple times before inviting him back to headline a card earlier this month, two and a half years after his last fight and 6+ years after his last win.

As for Rouey, she’s still young. She turns 30 tomorrow and as devastating as her last two fights were, she only has 14 professional fights in her career. Plus, she sold over a million pay-per-views in both of her losses so there’s no reason to believe a comeback down the road wouldn’t be welcomed. The decision, as always, is Rousey’s.

She took a long time to recover from her first loss and it didn’t really look like it had been long enough once we saw her back in the octagon. It will probably come down to how well she’s taken care of her money and whether she can find other work. That Road House remake that everyone was talking about right before her first loss? That doesn’t look like it will ever happen and the rest of her IMDB is devoid of upcoming projects.

I’d say it’s extremely unlikely Rousey never fights again, but then again, what do I know?

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