Jason Taylor Called Cam Cameron "an idiot," Trashed Bad QBs Who Played for the Dolphins

Jason Taylor Called Cam Cameron "an idiot," Trashed Bad QBs Who Played for the Dolphins


Jason Taylor Called Cam Cameron "an idiot," Trashed Bad QBs Who Played for the Dolphins

Jason Taylor was selected to the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility on Saturday. Unlike Terrell Owens, who was kept out for being a “bad teammate,” Jason Taylor was a good teammate who instead waited until retirement to formally trash all his bad teammates and coaches.

In an interview with Armando Salguero last week, before the Hall of Fame selection, Taylor dished on a lot of subjects (h/t to New Orleans Times-Picayune).

He talked about the coaches he did like, and that did not include Cam Cameron, most recently seen building an elite offense under Les Miles at LSU. Cameron was the Dolphins’ coach for one season, that finished at 1-15.

“Cam was an idiot,” Taylor says. “I have no idea how he got the job. I’ve never been around a more incompetent head coach than Cam Cameron. I’m talking youth football, college. It was unbelievable.

“Everything we did, he had to have a problem with. That was his way of being the biggest voice in the room. If I talked or Zach talked in a team meeting or after practice, he would always need to have the last word.

“It was the weirdest thing. We’d all look at each other because he would repeat something one of the players already said. That dude lost me first day of training camp. Even at minicamp, I’m wondering what are we doing?”

Taylor didn’t stop there. During Taylor’s time in Miami, which began just as Dan Marino was finishing his career, the defense was always ahead of the offense, and the franchise struggled to find good quarterbacks.

Jason Taylor

First, let’s start with Pat White, who was selected with a second round pick, where he also manages to crack on Ike Taylor:

“Pat White?” Taylor asks at the end of a long list of failed Dolphins quarterbacks. “The guy almost got freaking killed! Pat White? He was built like my son, my 12-year-old son. When he got hit against Pittsburgh, I thought he was dead. Nobody has ever accused Ike Taylor of being a big hitter. I saw him that offseason and said to him, ‘The one time you put a hit on somebody, you’ve ended my quarterback’s career.’

Then he moved on to Josh Heupel, current Missouri offensive coordinator and former Oklahoma Sooner quarterback, and Cade McNown for their lack of arm strength.

Josh Heupel, you could read the words on the ball as it was in the air. We had Cade McNown and the dude couldn’t hit a pop pass. His first practice, he came out and throws a ball that everybody busts out laughing. I figured, it’s his first practice, he’s nervous. Twenty minutes into the team period everybody’s going, ‘What in the hell? Is this for real? Is this a real quarterback?’ And he’d walk back to the huddle rubbing and adjusting his arm like his shoulder was hurt. His shoulder wasn’t bad, he was bad.”

I guess no one thought to ask Taylor what he thought of trading for A.J. Feeley. Opportunity missed.

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