Mitch Albom: Patriots Players Boycotting White House Is "Rude"

Mitch Albom: Patriots Players Boycotting White House Is "Rude"


Mitch Albom: Patriots Players Boycotting White House Is "Rude"

Multiple members of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots have said they would not attend the team’s visit to the Donald Trump White House. Mitch Albom wrote a Detroit Free Press column, calling the players “rude.”

But these days, few people just go about their business. Not when a statement can be made. So even though a dated invitation has yet to be made, some Patriots felt compelled to tell their fans how repugnant the idea was to them.

It is surely their right to do so as Americans.

It is also rude.

No one is asking them to endorse a candidate. And taking a photo with your nation’s elected leader doesn’t mean you surrender your right to disagree with every single thing he does. That’s the beauty of America. In fact, the visit may give you a rare chance to express your views to the leader himself.

Rude, in all its definitions, could be a fitting word to describe politics lately.

Albom went on to criticize the players for being hypocritical and failing to respect “the office. The tradition. The reverence of our flawed but still beautiful democratic system.” He also suggests the White House should do away with the tradition of inviting teams to visit altogether if this is the attitude.

One wonders, if the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors win the NBA title, whether that will happen.


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