So is Gonzaga Gonna Lose or ...

So is Gonzaga Gonna Lose or ...


So is Gonzaga Gonna Lose or ...

Gonzaga is having one of those seasons programs like Gonzaga sometimes have. The Zags played a challenging non-conference schedule, beating the likes of Florida, Iowa State and Arizona. Now they’re cruising through the West Coast Conference, which has put up about as much resistance as a door man at a college bar.

The second-best team in the league is Saint Mary’s, but Gonzaga beat it by 23 points the first time and 10 the second.
As a result, No. 1 Gonzaga is 26-0 and looks like something close to a lock to win its final four regular-season games to close out the first undefeated regular season in college basketball since Kentucky did it in 2015.
Those last four games are against San Francisco, Pacific, San Diego and BYU. The only road game in there is at San Diego, which Gonzaga beat by 36 in late January.
Both BYU and San Francisco are 18-9, with winning conference records, and both have lost to Gonzaga by double digits.

As a matter of fact, the last team to keep it under 10 against the Zags was Arizona, which lost by seven on Dec. 3.

Gonzaga would not likely be 26-0 if it played in, say, the PAC-12, but let’s not begrudge it that. The Zags are going undefeated, and regardless of what happens in the NCAA Tournament, that’s quite an achievement.

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