Derek Jeter Had Sex

Derek Jeter Had Sex


Derek Jeter Had Sex

Derek Jeter had sex. Jeter and wife, the former DirecTV genie, are expecting a daughter that the former Yankees shortstop has already named “so-and-so.” Hannah revealed all this, plus that their relationship was built on ordering take-out, in an article on The Players’ Tribune.

According to the blurb above the article, you can expect more bylines from non-athletes in the future.

This is the first of a new editorial series in which family members, friends, and those closest to them, share special insights into the athletes they love.

How long until the first friend or family member writes a letter to his or her younger self?

Anyway, that’s Russell Wilson and Derek Jeter having kids in 2017. Good job everyone. Well, everyone except the people involved in this photoshop.


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