Valentine's Day is the #1 Day for NFL Quarterbacks

Valentine's Day is the #1 Day for NFL Quarterbacks


Valentine's Day is the #1 Day for NFL Quarterbacks

More top NFL quarterbacks have been born on February 14th than any other day. (Here’s a list of the Valentine’s birthdays in the NFL.) With 366 potential days, it should be pretty rare that days double up, but we know that with any group of people selected at random, we will have some that share a birthday, and plenty of days that are not represented at all.

Of the Top 50 quarterbacks in career passing yards, three (Jim Kelly, Drew Bledsoe, and Steve McNair) were born on Valentine’s Day. It is the only day to have three such passers. There are only three other days to have multiple shared birthdays among the top 50. They are January 3rd (Eli Manning and Jim Everett), February 15th (John Hadl and Ken Anderson), and April 29th (Jim Hart and Jay Cutler). That’s right, the day after Valentine’s adds two more, and 10% of the quarterbacks in the Top 50 in passing yards were born in this two-day period. In contrast, no other month has more than 5 quarterbacks in the Top 50.

It doesn’t end there for Valentine’s Day, as Chase Stuart notes:

If we drop the cut-off to 16,000 yards, we jump to 137 quarterbacks but get to include David Garrard, another Valentine’s Day baby. But wait, there’s more: If we drop the threshold to 3,500 passing yards, we get to include Patrick Ramsey and Anthony Wright. Those guys may not impress you, but consider that only 334 players have thrown for 3,500 yards. That means dozens of days have zero quarterbacks with 3,500 yards — including New Year’s Day, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, and Christmas Eve — so slotting in Ramsey and Wright as QB5 and QB6 on your birthday dream team is pretty damn good.

And Christian Hackenberg was also born on Valentine’s Day, Jets fans. Also not mentioned: Jared Lorenzen and his 28 career passing yards shares a February 14th birthday as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, what day has produced the most busts? Well, it’s also in February. Of the 50 least productive quarterbacks drafted in the first 50 picks since the merger, three were born on February 25th: Todd Blackledge, Pat White, and Christian Ponder.

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