Tom Izzo Squashed His Beef With Dan Dakich

Tom Izzo Squashed His Beef With Dan Dakich


Tom Izzo Squashed His Beef With Dan Dakich

Tom Izzo and Dan Dakich have been in a spat over the past few days over Dakich’s comments about Michigan State, and the reaction of Spartans students to them. Well, our long national nightmare appears to be over as Izzo has officially ended the beef.

Dakich clarified his initial comments on his radio show, and also praised Izzo on Wednesday:

After his team’s practice on Thursday, Izzo said the issue was behind him:

“There’s no big deal. It’s what it was, and it’s over. I’m not holding any grudges against him. I just voiced my opinion of what I thought, and he voiced his. …I’m not gonna get into what you guys and what everybody wants us to get into, even though I understand – it’s gotta be an article, it’s gotta be a topic. It’s not for me. It’s not for me, nor will it be.”

Dakich says a lot of provocative things on his Indianapolis-based radio show and on Twitter. It’s  kind of his thing. That said, he has openly claimed that if he dishes it out he has to be able to take it. In this instance he appears to have taken Izzo’s criticism smoothly and looked to rectify the situation.

I’m just glad we won’t have to deal with the impending diss-tracks and subtle jabs on these guys’ next albums.