Brandel Chamblee Claims He has Blocked 20,000 People on Twitter

Brandel Chamblee Claims He has Blocked 20,000 People on Twitter


Brandel Chamblee Claims He has Blocked 20,000 People on Twitter

Brandel Chamblee’s opinions during broadcasts on Golf Channel quite often rub people the wrong way. Rory McIlroy has addressed Chamblee multiple times regarding his time spent in the gym; see here and here. I’ve disagreed with Chamblee on many issues, especially with his thoughts on Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson eventually becoming Ryder Cup Captains.

On Friday, Chamblee wrote a post on Golf Channel’s website in which he says he has blocked over 20,000 people on Twitter.

“I have an informal approach to the interaction that I have on Twitter, in that I view it as a party at my house: Come on in, argue if you see fit, but if you start breaking dishes, you have to go. I can smell rudeness a par-5 away. Hence, I block on average about 10 people a day, which means I have blocked around 20,000 people in my six-plus years on Twitter.”

Here’s what Chamblee lists as “Dead give-aways of an incipient bent:”

  • Using ALL CAPS in a message. The heading for the Declaration of Independence, reads “In CONGRESS”; anything less important can follow standard grammar rules.
  • Using exclamation points!!! History is a better teacher than the volume of a voice. Don’t scream to make your point; improve your arguments.
  • Starting or ending a message with “Dude.” I believe this one is self explanatory, dude.

Now we’ve all blocked our fair share of followers on Twitter, and I definitely agree with Chamblee about the usage of “dude,” but 20,000? That seems a bit extreme right?

Chamblee goes on to say:

“I can understand the discord involving politics, religion and war but what is there to argue about in golf, I mean besides the fact I am still paid to talk about it for a living?”

There is a lot to argue about with golf, but Chamblee is still getting paid to share his opinion about the sport and its participants and even if you disagree with him some or all of the time; he’s not going anywhere.

[Via Golf Channel]

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