Bob Knight is Still a Sad, Bitter Man

Bob Knight is Still a Sad, Bitter Man


Bob Knight is Still a Sad, Bitter Man

Bob Knight was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning and was his usual cheerful self. Patrick asked the former Hoosiers coach why the public’s desire for a reconciliation with the university outpaces Knight’s own interest in exploring such a truce.

“I’ve always really enjoyed the fans and I always will,” Knight said. “On my dying day I will think about how great the fans at Indiana were. As far as the hierarchy at Indiana University at that time, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for those people. With that in mind I have no interest in ever going back to that university.”

When Patrick rightly pointed out that there’s been significant turnover in said hierarchy since Knight’s days there, the short-tempered coach delivered this zinger.

“I hope they’re all dead,” he said before expressing a desire that those who aren’t already dead soon die.


This does not sound like a man enjoying his golden years or a man particularly at peace with life. He’s a one-trick pony and that trick is bitterness.

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