Best Sports References On The New Drake Playlist 'More Life'

Best Sports References On The New Drake Playlist 'More Life'


Best Sports References On The New Drake Playlist 'More Life'


When your Twitter timeline is inevitably filled with Drake lyrics tonight, feel free to chime in with some of his newest sports references.

The new Drake playlist (yeah, that’s what he’s calling his new album) More Life features Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, Young Thug, Travis Scott and Quavo. But there are also some great pop culture references, including hat tips to some of the best athletes, as well.

The first song (“Free Smoke”) has a shoutout to the Golden State Warriors:

“I took the team play from Oracle
Mama never used to cook much
Used to chef KD
Now me and Chef KD”

Later, there’s a song that features Skepta — a British grime artist. That song has a reference to The Black Mamba:

“You don’t know me, you better get to know me
Stand up tall, right next to Kobe”

On the song “Portland” with Quavo, the Migos frontman offers a tribute to greatness across athletics:

“Michael Phelps with the swim moves
Skrrt, skrrt, oh
Michael Jordan with the tennis shoes
Skrrt, Skrrt, oh”

He makes a reference on “Sacrifices” to the most recent Super Bowl in Houston:

“Met her at the Super Bowl, told her I stayed down the street from Texas.”

If you didn’t like the reference to Kevin Durant, perhaps you’ll enjoy the nod to Russell Westbrook:

“Oh, triple double, Russ face
Watch with the bust face
Never met the plug, but I rap about the plug face
Never met my self, I don’t remember who I was face.”

It’s no surprise to see that athletes including LeBron James and Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Marcus Stroman are really the new music.

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