Report: Tony Romo Has Hurt Feelings

Report: Tony Romo Has Hurt Feelings


Report: Tony Romo Has Hurt Feelings

Tony Romo’s next career move is unclear. He could land with the Houston Texans or Denver Broncos. He could set out anew as a television broadcaster. What is clear is that he won’t be back in Dallas — and that there may be more drama lurking under the surface than once thought.

Here’s NFL Network reporter Jane Slater on the Twilight-esque rivalry within the Cowboys’ locker room.

It’s unclear which teammates and coaches were Team Dak Prescott. Hopefully, all of them. The rookie quarterback’s major sin was taking over the job out of necessity and leading the Cowboys to an NFC-best 13-3 record. Anyone not on “Team Dak” wasn’t being a good teammate and wasn’t living in reality.

Sure, what befell Romo was unfortunate. But no sane person would have argued for him to get his starting job back after Prescott’s year. The whole thing is equally confusing because no one seemed more “Team Dak” than Romo, who said and did the things necessary to get the positive press clippings for handling the situation with class and honor.

That narrative is swiftly derailed if this new report is accurate. This new report suggests Romo wanted his teammates to value loyalty over winning and the past over the future. Honestly, it doesn’t make much sense.

We’ll say this for the Cowboys franchise: it’s certainly not dull.

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