The Big Lead 2017 Major League Baseball Predictions

The Big Lead 2017 Major League Baseball Predictions


The Big Lead 2017 Major League Baseball Predictions

American League East

Koster: Boston Red Sox. Okay, so David Ortiz retired. So what? The Red Sox lineup is still fierce from top to bottom, teeming with speed and power. Chris Sale joins reigning Cy Young winner Rick Porcello in a playoff-tailored rotation. This is a team capable of winning 100 games and running away with the division.

Phillips: Boston Red Sox. The rotation alone makes them the easy favorite. The reigning AL Cy Young winner might be the team’s third-best starter behind Chris Sale and David Price. If Price is healthy Boston should outpace Toronto and Baltimore to win the division.

Lisk: Boston Red Sox. Unless they make Chris Sale wear throwbacks every week, Boston should roll to the playoffs.

Duffy: Boston Red Sox. Credit to Bill Simmons for being older than me and, thus, coming up with the idea to root for the Red Sox before I did.

American League Central

Koster: Cleveland Indians. Michael Brantley should be back and be productive. Edwin Encarnacion is ready to provided extra pop. It’s remarkable what this team was able to accomplish despite injuries last year. If they stay healthy, this year should be equally successful.

Phillips: Cleveland Indians. You best bet the Tribe will be on a mission this season after losing Game 7 of the World Series in extra innings. Michael Brantley is back and Francisco Lindor is poised to become a household name.

Lisk: Cleveland Indians. Things finally came together for Cleveland last year after a couple of seasons where the high expectations ended up in disappointment. I’m not expecting this team to be a one-year wonder.

Duffy: Cleveland Indians. Not sure I see a challenger emerging. LeBron is also on the bandwagon now, which can’t be discounted.

American League West

Koster: Texas Rangers. This is the hardest division to predict. The Rangers posted a +8 run differential in 2016 and benefited from several players having career years. I’ll take a flier on Yu Darvish taking the next step and the regression to be mild.

Phillips: Houston Astros. Yep, the ‘Stros are finally going to put it all together and win their division. Any infield that features Carlos Correa, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman is getting my vote. Houston will be tremendously fun to watch.

Lisk: Houston Astros. This might be the most competitive division, and I could make an argument for any of Seattle, Texas, or Houston. (The Angels would need to clone Mike Trout and give him some help). The Astros had a down year last year after their breakthrough, and I think we get a third-year bounce back with the young stars on this team.

Duffy: Houston Astros. In Pecota I trust.


Koster: Toronto over Seattle

Phillips: Texas over Toronto

Lisk: Seattle over Toronto

Duffy: Seattle over New York


Koster: Boston over Toronto; Cleveland over Texas

Phillips: Boston over Texas, Cleveland over Houston

Lisk: Boston over Seattle, Houston over Cleveland

Duffy: Boston over Seattle, Cleveland over Houston


Koster: Boston over Cleveland in 6

Phillips: Cleveland over Boston in 7

Lisk: Houston over Boston in 6

Duffy: Boston over Cleveland in 7

National League East

Koster: Washington Nationals. This is the year, guys. This is the year the Nationals win a playoff series. Keep an eye on the Trea Turner for MVP campaign. It’s going to be a thing.

Phillips: Washington Nationals. If the Nats stay healthy this race should be over by early August.

Lisk: New York Mets. Everyone is on the Nationals. I’ll take the pot odds here on the Mets, who are equal betting favorites. The starting pitching will be there, and I think some of the young guys on offense will come through, and pip the Nationals in a close race.

Duffy: Washington Nationals. They will win the East in a brilliant fashion that only writers following the team on a daily basis from within the DC Metro area can even begin to appreciate.

National League Central

Koster: Chicago Cubs. It has been zero years since the last Cubs’ World Series. What a weird sentence. Good chance it will be factually accurate a year from now as well.

Phillips: Chicago Cubs. This is the best team in baseball and it may have gotten better over the winter. Kyle Schwarber is back and the young guys are all a year more mature. The Cubs should backstroke to the playoffs.

Lisk: Chicago Cubs. I am not going against the best team in baseball.

Duffy: St. Louis Cardinals. Guardians of the unwritten rules. Best fans in America.

National League West

Koster: Los Angeles Dodgers. Don’t love their lineup, but refuse to bet against Clayton Kershaw. Look for Julio Urias to have a breakout year.

Phillips: Los Angeles Dodgers. I hate typing that (and agreeing with Kyle) but there is no way the Dodgers don’t win the West if everyone is healthy.

Lisk: San Francisco Giants. It’s an odd-numbered year, but hey, I’ll roll with the Giants putting together. They had only two position players play in more than 150 games last year (Belt and Crawford) and have the potential to have one of the best rotations in the National League.

Duffy: San Francisco Giants. Magic too distracted by Lakers duties to impart much leadership and positive energy.


Koster: Colorado over New York

Phillips: St. Louis over New York

Lisk: Los Angeles over Washington

Duffy: Chicago over Los Angeles


Koster: Chicago over Colorado; Washington over Los Angeles

Phillips: Chicago over St. Louis; Los Angeles over Washington

Lisk: Chicago over Los Angeles; San Francisco over New York Mets

Duffy: San Francisco over Chicago; Washington over St. Louis


Koster: Chicago over Washington in 5

Phillips: Chicago over Los Angeles in 6

Lisk: Chicago over San Francisco in 6

Duffy: Washington over San Francisco in 6

CINCINNATI, OH – JUNE 27: Kris Bryant #17 of the Chicago Cubs watches as he hits his third home run of the game against the Cincinnati Reds in the eighth inning at Great American Ball Park on June 27, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cubs defeated the Reds 11-8. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

World Series

Koster: Boston over Chicago in 7

Phillips: Cleveland over Chicago in 7

Lisk: Chicago over Houston in 6

Duffy: Boston over Washington in 4


Koster: Mookie Betts and Trea Turner

Phillips: Francisco Lindor and Bryce Harper

Lisk: Mike Trout and Kris Bryant

Duffy: Mike Trout and Bryce Harper

Cy Youngs

Koster: Aaron Sanchez and Clayton Kershaw

Phillips: Corey Kluber and Clayton Kershaw

Lisk: Chris Sale and Noah Syndergaard

Duffy: Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw

Rookies of the Year

Koster: Andrew Benintendi and Dansby Swanson

Phillips: Andrew Benintendi and Dansby Swanson

Lisk: Andrew Benintendi and Dansby Swanson

Duffy: Andrew Benintendi and Dansby Swanson, didn’t want to ruin the symmetry

Bold Prediction

Koster: No player hits 40 homers

Phillips: Pablo Sandoval is finally serviceable in Boston

Lisk: Tim Tebow will stop playing professional baseball by July 1st.

Duffy: I hit the over 2.5 on games attended.

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