Frank Kaminsky Going Hard in the Paint at Dan Dakich

Frank Kaminsky Going Hard in the Paint at Dan Dakich


Frank Kaminsky Going Hard in the Paint at Dan Dakich

The NCAA Finals are a logical time to realize that the players do not get compensated in accordance with the value of the television contracts their talents drive. Presumably seeing or hearing those sentiments somewhere, ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich opined:

Frank Kaminsky responded, and the following exchange ensued:

Kaminsky: You clearly have no idea what you are talking about

Dakich: Riiiight only been a paying but ur right I have “no idea”’ll grow up and understand someday son!!

Kaminsky: Oh right cause when you played people were making billions yearly off of college sports while telling u ur image doesn’t belong to u right?

Dakich: my tweets..who has said anything about image btw ur “image” without WISCONSIN jersey is currently worth 0 zip nada

Kaminsky: Must be wonderful to reap the benefits of kids working their asses off by sitting on yours and rambling about 0 zip nada

Dakich: After all the work I put in absolutely.not as good as working 20yrs/week getting ov $100k at 18! How much ur likeness worth w/o WISCONSIN ? … “WORKING ur ass off”? Son please..we had no “restrictions” on hrs! U wouldn’t know “working ur ass off” if it hit you in the nose..

Kaminsky: Lol yea. Okay. This just proves to me how uneducated on the topic you actually are. … Cause I got to where I was by putting in minimum effort at every single stage. Sound logic. Who could argue with that one?!?!

Dakich: That’s it? All ya got? What I figured..keep complaining the uninformed masses will believe us that know? Stay away! On Wisconsin!! … And you got paid handsomely at 18-24 for 20plus hours a week good for you!! On Wisconsin..

Kaminsky: No. I didn’t get paid. I left there with no money and still owed rent through my lease. Actually lost money. Glad I was good at bball tho…

Kaminsky then did a numbered thread (which is still going at publication time):

1. There might be a “20 hour restriction” on college athletes… that argument is complete garbage. 2. I never asked to be paid when I was in college. I just wanted to capitalize on my image/likeness while my name was big. 3. Education was a factor of why I chose to go to UW. But basketball was always my priority. I can handle bad grades, but not bad games. 4. This may be offensive but you cannot compare the lives of student-athletes to regular students. Lives aren’t similar in the slightest bit. 5. If free education is the compensation… could I have turned that down and just played for the team?

Put me on Team Frank the Tank.

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