The Undertaker Lays Down His Hat

The Undertaker Lays Down His Hat


The Undertaker Lays Down His Hat

The Undertaker lost at WrestleMania to Roman Reigns, and at that moment it was abundantly clear that this was the end. Taker finishes his career 23-3 at WrestleMania, and exits as one of the most accomplished performers in WWE history.

After the match, the Undertaker laid down his patented gloves, trench coat, and flat-brimmed hat, exited the ring, walked slowly up the ramp, and held up his fist as the Orlando crowd chanted, “Thank you Taker.”

The Undertaker debuted in the then-WWF in 1991, and is a four-time WWE/F undisputed champion. He has been widely credited for his contributions in keeping Vince McMahon’s promotion in business during the critical stretch in the 90’s when WCW was raiding its talent and then beating it in the ratings.

The moment at the end of WrestleMania was very palpable, and it will be profoundly odd next year when the event goes on without him.


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