Phil Simms' Agent Says He Has Not Been Fired By CBS

Phil Simms' Agent Says He Has Not Been Fired By CBS


Phil Simms' Agent Says He Has Not Been Fired By CBS

Tony Romo will be replacing Phil Simms as the No. 1 NFL color analyst for CBS in 2017. That news had many believing that Simms must have been fired by the network, but that is apparently not the case. In fact, Simms doesn’t appear to be going anywhere for a while.

Tara Sullivan of The Bergen Record, reached out to Simms representative Steve Rosner. When asked if Simms had been canned, Rosner said the following:

“Absolutely not. He has multiple years left on his contract. I’ve had a few brief discussions with CBS in regard to the future and we have decided at the moment that we will regroup within the next month or so and figure out what his future role will be.”

So it sounds like Rosner thinks this is just a demotion for Simms, who has been with CBS since 1998.

Here’s what the network said about Simms:

“As we welcome Tony, we want to acknowledge Phil Simms who served as our lead NFL analyst for nearly 20 years. Phil has been a very important part of our coverage since the NFL returned to CBS in 1998. His strong opinions, coupled with his tremendous knowledge and passion for the National Football League, has created a unique broadcasting style making him one of the best analysts to ever call the game. We are discussing with Phil his future role with CBS Sports. We cannot thank him enough for the way he has represented himself and CBS Sports during his tenure as CBS’s lead NFL analyst.”

That certainly leaves the door open to a return but could also definitely be interpreted as a goodbye statement. We’ll see how this plays out.

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