The World Was a Very Different Place the Last Time Tiger Woods Won a Major

The World Was a Very Different Place the Last Time Tiger Woods Won a Major


The World Was a Very Different Place the Last Time Tiger Woods Won a Major

Tiger Woods had his fourth back surgery. His golfing future got bleaker. It’s getting more difficult to imagine a future where Woods is a relevant contender. And, to be honest, it’s getting more difficult to look into the past to relive his greatness.

Woods’ last major win came at the U.S. Open on June 16, 2008. Not a single person believed they were watching his last big hurrah. The world was a very different place.

How different?

    • David Price had yet to make his Major League debut.
    • Hillary Clinton had just suspended her presidential campaign and endorsed Barack Obama against John McCain.
    • Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska and far from the national stage.
    • Brett Favre was still retired and yet to sign with the New York Jets.

    • The Wire had ended three months prior and Breaking Bad was in its first season.
    • Buster Posey had just been selected with the 5th pick in the MLB Draft. Eric Hosmer went 3rd and Pedro Alvarez was a can’t-miss prospect who had been taken 2nd.
    • Tim Tebow was the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.
    • Tim Russert died the week the U.S. Open was being played.
    • Tim Donaghy had just accused fellow referees of fixing games.
    • The only iPhone available was the 1st generation original. 3G came out in July 2008. There was no iPad.
    • Facebook had just overtaken MySpace as the #1 social network.
    • LeBron James was a ringless member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    • The Happening was in theaters and audiences were leaving very confused, perhaps wondering why they didn’t see You Don’t Mess with the Zohan instead.
    • The world was blissfully unaware that a thing called “Jersey Shore” would be happening someday.
    • Lil Wayne’s Lollipop was the No. 1 song in the country.

  • Tiger Woods was married.
  • Ken Griffey Jr., playing for the Reds, has just blasted his 600th home run.
  • Jim Tressel was the coach of Ohio State, Rich Rodriguez had just taken over for Lloyd Carr and had yet to coach a game at Michigan, Pete Carroll was the coach at USC, Chip Kelly was offensive coordinator at Oregon, and Nick Saban had a 7-6 career record at Alabama.
  • Jordan Spieth was 14 years old.
  • ABC’s primetime schedule featured hits like The Mole, Wanna Bet?, and Wipeout.

Want to feel old? Think about the world the last time Tiger Woods won a major. But don’t think too hard about it because it is profoundly depressing.

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