Sage Rosenfels Just Ethered Chicago Bears For Mitchell Trubisky Pick

Sage Rosenfels Just Ethered Chicago Bears For Mitchell Trubisky Pick


Sage Rosenfels Just Ethered Chicago Bears For Mitchell Trubisky Pick


Sage Rosenfels is a former NFL quarterback who grew up a Chicago Bears fan. On Wednesday he wrote a column that completely annihilated the the franchise he rooted for as a kid.

Rosenfels tore apart Chicago’s decision to trade up in the 2017 NFL Draft and select quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. And the man has a point. The following quote from a quarterback who spent 11 years in the NFL pretty much sums up his thinking:

“Here’s free advice for the Bears: if you make a decision that nobody else in the league thinks makes sense, it doesn’t.”

He’s not wrong.

Rosenfels also took exception to the fact the Bears signed Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45 million deal ($18.5 million guaranteed) this offseason, only to turn around and draft Trubisky. He argues the Bears should have known going into the offseason that they were going to target Trubisky in the draft if they were so high on him.

Since signing Glennon on March 9, nothing has really changed other than private workouts. After the combine and a year of watching Trubisky play, shouldn’t the Bears have already known what they were planning? Instead they basically signed Glennon under false pretenses and the move to take Trubisky ruins the chances for Glennon to succeed in Chicago.

This section says it all:


“The Chicago Bears just did the exact opposite (of giving Glennon a chance to succeed). Glennon hasn’t even taken a snap for the them, yet they’ve made their opinion of him known. Though they have needs at numerous positions with plenty of premier talent to choose from early in the first round, the Bears told Glennon they would rather have a one-year wonder than him or any player in college football not named Myles Garrett.

“That’s exactly what the Bears did. They gave up multiple picks to draft Trubisky when they could have had another player who would have massive upside. Teams don’t do that when they already have a good player in place who they just signed to a big contract.That contract plugged that hole, which allowed them to draft another position of need. It isn’t just the fact they now have two young question marks at the quarterback position, they also failed to grab a premier player at another position. The opportunity cost of this blunder should not be overlooked. “

Again, it’s hard to argue with anything Rosenfels wrote. Had the Bears not signed Glennon in free agency, the move for Trubisky can only be argued based on your opinion of the player, not the merit of taking a quarterback in that spot. Chicago entered the offseason with a desperate need under center, and now there are two roosters in the hen house.

Trubisky has one year of college starting experience and Glennon was the hot free agent quarterback on the market this offseason. What happens if Glennon does play well and cements himself as the team’s starting signal-caller? Now you’ve wasted the second overall pick (and two third-rounders and a fourth in the trade to move up) at a spot you no longer have a need.

The smart thing to do would have been surrounding Glennon with protection, both along the offensive line and at the skill positions, or bolster the defense. Instead the Bears took Trubisky, a guy who might wind up being the best quarterback in an incredibly weak class at the position.

Yeah, maybe the Bears have taken the mantle of most dysfunctional franchise from the Cleveland Browns after all.

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