The World Now Has Two Conor McGregors

The World Now Has Two Conor McGregors


The World Now Has Two Conor McGregors

Conor McGregor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin welcomed a son into the world over the weekend and announced the birth on Twitter Sunday. Both Devlin and the eight-pound, 14 ounce baby seem to be doing great.

Then McGregor revealed the couple did something that may impact all of us for years: they named him Conor Jack McGregor Jr. Yes, there are now two Conor McGregors in the world and I’m not sure the Earth can handle all of that swagger without tumbling off its axis.

The UFC lightweight champion tweeted the following photos after his son was born:

Reports that Conor Jr. immediately asked his dad about his potential fight with Floyd Mayweather seconds after emerging from the birth canal cannot be independently confirmed at this time.

It is the 28-year-old UFC superstar’s first child and he appears to be taking to the job well.

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