The Seattle Seahawks Must Cut Frank Clark Immediately After Disrespectful Tweet

The Seattle Seahawks Must Cut Frank Clark Immediately After Disrespectful Tweet


The Seattle Seahawks Must Cut Frank Clark Immediately After Disrespectful Tweet

Frank Clark needs to be released immediately by the Seattle Seahawks. The team can’t wait and must get rid of him after what transpired on Tuesday. The 23-year-old defensive end sent a completely disrespectful tweet directed at a female writer who was promoting a piece she penned about domestic violence. There is no defending what he said.

Clark has since deleted the tweet but the writer, Natalie Weiner, screen-capped it:

Weiner wrote a piece on Greg Hardy and domestic violence last week, and also shared a piece she did on Clark back in 2015. Clark was kicked off Michigan’s football team after a domestic violence arrest in 2014. The Seahawks drafted him anyway in the second-round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

So let’s put some context around this. What follows are some of the details that led to Clark’s arrest, relayed by Perkins Township (Ohio) officer Martin Curran, who arrived on scene in the aftermath:

Based on interviews from various individuals, Curran pieced together the story that he shared with the Free Press and put in his police report.

According to Hurt, she and Clark began to argue while lying on the bed in their room at the Maui Sands Resort and Indoor Waterpark. She got angry, threw a TV remote control at him, and he responded by trying to restrain her on the bed. She told Curran that she tried to get loose by biting his nose. Then she said he pushed her head into the bed, they got off the bed and he punched her in the face, knocking her back and breaking a lamp. She stated that she threw an alarm clock at him as he prepared to leave the room.

Her two juvenile brothers offered more graphic accounts to Curran, pinning more blame on Clark. One of the brothers told police that Clark drank at least a fifth of Hennessy. Hurt underwent a portable breath test that measured .000%.

And here’s what other witnesses said, according to what Curran told the Detroit Free Press:

“We had people from other rooms that were witnesses to this,” Curran said. “That’s how this started, somebody in different room heard screaming and yelling, heard noises come out of the room, they thought something was going on and they opened up their door and little kids come running out of the hotel room that Frank was in and screaming Frank is … the witness came out basically saying, ‘Frank is killing our sister.’

“They go over there and they knock on the door, they look inside and see this girl on the ground unconscious and they said that Frank is yelling and screaming at people and they call the front desk and the front desk, she sees the girl on the ground, the damage to the room and that’s how we ended up getting called.”

According to the police report, two other children, ages 3 and 5, were also in the room. Curran said they were not interviewed.

Curran eventually spoke directly to Hurt, who refused a trip to the hospital to be examined and did not want to press charges because, according to the report, “with what Frank has going on, she didn’t want him arrested.”

So to sum up, numerous witnesses claimed Frank Clark brutally assaulted his girlfriend. She refused to cooperate with police because it might impact his career. He was then drafted by the Seahawks despite the arrest. Two years later, he sent an offensive tweet to a writer who thoughtful penned pieces about domestic violence. If nothing else, Clark is a moron. He should be on his best behavior with anything related to domestic violence for the rest of his life, instead he did this.

Given his history and this tweet, Seattle must dump Clark now. Pete Carroll and company need to do the right thing here. This was disrespectful and completely unacceptable and a message needs to be sent. Clark clearly doesn’t care how serious this issue is or that he’s become a symbol for all that’s wrong with the NFL.

Clark had 10 sacks last season, but his on-field production should have nothing to do with this decision. He’s simply not worth the headache.

UPDATE: Clark has now offered one of the weakest apologies of all-time:

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