VIDEO: Mike Golic Does Not Look Ecstatic About Mike and Mike Breakup

VIDEO: Mike Golic Does Not Look Ecstatic About Mike and Mike Breakup


VIDEO: Mike Golic Does Not Look Ecstatic About Mike and Mike Breakup

As has been exhaustively documented, the 18-year Mike and Mike run is coming to an end this year. Mike Greenberg will host his own show on ESPN. Mike Golic will be joined on the radio by Trey Wingo, and his son Mike Golic Jr. This all had been in the works since at least last September, and was formalized yesterday. Greeny and Golic briefly discussed it on-air this morning:

In the video, Golic doesn’t come across as bitter or anything, but you can tell he is biting his tongue and choosing his words carefully. He said that the last 1.5 years have been “interesting, if not eyebrow-raising.” He added that he’s not switching teams, just teammates.

This all dates back to the ESPN Upfront two years ago. It was announced at the event that the show would be moving to New York. There was a big drum in the presentation and there was supposed to be synergy with Good Morning America. Then, a little over a month later, ESPN announced that, wait, nope, the show was staying in Bristol.

Apparently, the New York announcement had been made before the contracts were formalized. It was right around this time where the cord cutting reality began to really hit ESPN, and they realized they would have to control costs.

In the ensuing time period, Greenberg switched agents; he and Golic were both represented by Headline Media, whose CEO is Lou Oppenheim, for years. Greeny’s new deal was negotiated by Nick Khan of CAA.

Clearly, Greeny comes off better for the time being in the split. He’s reportedly making $6.5 million a year. He has his own television show that will anchor ESPN mornings (whether this show will work or not remains to be seen). Golic’s radio show will no longer be simulcasted on ESPN2, which will now air SportsCenter in the time slot.

It’s not very difficult to see why Golic wouldn’t be enamored with the way that the show’s end has played out in the news over the past eight months.


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