We Don't Think Donald Trump's "Covfefe" Tweet is About Sports

We Don't Think Donald Trump's "Covfefe" Tweet is About Sports


We Don't Think Donald Trump's "Covfefe" Tweet is About Sports

President Donald Trump's mysterious tweet referencing “covfefe” remained live for six hours before it was deleted.

Then the leader of the free word issued a challenge.

As a sports blog on the internet, we accepted. And we can report, with reasonable certainty, “covfefe” is not an allusion to anything even tangentially related to the world of sport.

A Covfefe has never risen to the professional ranks in the four major leagues. These guys are the closest surnames to the mysterious noun.

Major League Baseball

Covelli (Coco) Loyce Crisp: 15-year journeyman outfielder, .265 career hitter, led American League in stolen bases (49) in 2011.

Stan Coveleski: Righthanded starter from 1912-1928 who compiled 215 career wins. Two-time AL ERA champion. Tossed nine shutouts in 1917.

Harry Coveleski: Brother of Stan. Racked up only 81 victories.

Jack Coveney: Went 2-for-14 in 1903 for St. Louis. Brief cup of coffee.

Dylan Covey: Rookie starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox who is winless in eight starts. Likely not on Trump’s radar yet.


Robert Covington: Fourth-year player and somewhat important part of the 76ers trusting the process.


Jimbo Covert: Offensive tackle for the Chicago Bears in the 1980s. Super Bowl winner.


No one close.


Tom Coverdale? Bud Covell?

Covfefe is not a city or a mascot. It is not a technical term or rule. It is not the nickname of a beloved player.

Trust us, we tried very hard to make even the slightest connection and came up empty.

So, in summation: not a sports term. Probably just an errant attempt to spell coverage. Really not much of a mystery at all. And yet, it will surely be the No. 1 trending topic until the next important internet thing. What a time to have WiFi.


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