LeBron James is Balling and It Doesn't Even Matter

LeBron James is Balling and It Doesn't Even Matter


LeBron James is Balling and It Doesn't Even Matter

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ only chance to beat the Golden State Warriors requires LeBron James to be superhuman. James was superhuman in the first half of Game 3, making 11 of 14 shots en route to 27 points. And you know what? His team is still heading to the locker room staring at a six-point deficit.

Watching James exert himself with what appears to be maximum effort is incredible to watch. At the same time there’s a bizarre Sisyphean nature to the whole experience as the Warriors are so clearly the superior team. It feels as though James is fighting tooth and nail to even force a fifth game.

Consider Golden State’s blistering first half. Klay Thompson scored 21 points and went 5-for-7 from three-point range. Stephen Curry added 14 on 4-for-6 shooting beyond the arc. What kind of team scores 67 points in 24 minutes while committing 12 turnovers?

Apparently a team capable of making 12 triples in a half. Apparently a team on pace to break the NBA Finals record of 18 in a game.

If the first two games are instructive, James will tire a bit and his production will drop in the second act. If someone in his supporting cast not named Kyrie Irving doesn’t step up, this series will be over. Considering what we’ve seen so far, we shouldn’t hold our breath.

The scariest part? The Warriors are capable of withstanding another 27-point half by James. Scary stuff.

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