Kevin Durant Says the Warriors Aren't a Super Team Either!

Kevin Durant Says the Warriors Aren't a Super Team Either!


Kevin Durant Says the Warriors Aren't a Super Team Either!

LeBron James said he had never been a part of a “super team” and we all laughed. Now Kevin Durant is saying the same thing about the Warriors. Seriously. Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

“First of all, if everybody wanted Steph, he would have been the No. 1 pick,” Durant said Wednesday of Curry, the No. 7 pick of the 2009 NBA draft. “A lot of people passed on him. A lot of people doubted Steph, saying he wasn’t going to be this good. Klay Thompson, he was just supposed to be this OK shooter in the league, like that’s what you thought of Klay Thompson when he came in. Draymond, nobody wanted him. He was a 6-5 power forward. (They said) he couldn’t play in the league, he couldn’t start in the NBA. Shaun Livingston had a crazy knee injury.

“Nobody wanted him. Nobody thought that that he would get back to being Shaun Livingston. Andre Iguodala, he got traded a couple of times. Nobody wanted him. A lot of people didn’t expect these guys to be where they are today. Super team? No, we just work extremely well together.”

Come on. It’s to the point now where someone will argue that the All-Star teams aren’t super teams because Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard weren’t lottery picks. If LeBron’s Heat and Durant’s Warriors aren’t “super teams” then there can be no such thing. I mean, mentioning Shaun Livingston when you’re trying to debunk Golden State being a super team is really grasping at a super straw. And saying Iguodala was traded a couple times ignores the fact that he was the guy the other teams wanted. Not that it matters because no one is talking about Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala when they say the Warriors are a super team.

Yes, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson should have gone higher in their respective drafts, but they were still both lottery picks. I’m surprised Durant didn’t mention the fact that Greg Oden was picked ahead of him.

A super team is when a few really good players play on the same team. It’s kind of amazing that we’ve managed to put a stigma on the concept of a super team that players are sensitive to as they continue to try and form super teams.

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